Korrigan 1200 Robert Juliat

Korrigan 1200 Robert Juliat

Луч 7°/14,5°
Лампа 1200W HMI

Hot restrike ignition.
Compact and efficient design.
High performance double condenser optical system.
100% closing iris with backplate follower in a removable cassette.
100% closing mechanical dimmer.
"A" size gobo holder (Ø100mm).
6 way colour changer system fitted with removable filter frames :
Standard : "Boomerang".
On option : "Push/Pull".
Soft filter frame on flip lever.

Options :
- 5500 -> 3400K conversion filter on flip lever (only with manual dimmer version).
- Heavy duty adjustable yoke (overhead use).
- Horizontal chopper (not compatible with gobo use).

Power Supply unit.

Silent magnetic ballast.
3 voltages/frequencies : 230V-50Hz, 245V-50Hz, 208V-60Hz.
Main automatic breaker.
Mains checklight.
3m. follow spot cable (Harting).
2.5m. power cable with 10/16A + E NF/SCHUKO plug.
Set of tools and spare parts.
All working parts readily accessible, allowing easy maintenance.
Delivered in a sturdy cardboard case.
REF. 1149 B & 1449 B.
Same features as above with DMX dimming control.
Channel address with LCD display on the luminaire.
Local control unit


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